About Ace Manufacturing

Ace Manufacturing Co. is considered as the primary supplier of all plastic moulding needs, as it offers all types of plastic trays under one roof. Our industry is fully equipped with technical & managerial competency to understand customer needs. Being established in 2010, our company with a handful of experience in the field of plastic moulding has come forth as a leader in the field of manufacturing of plastic trays and egg trays in bulk.

Our aptitude extends on the far side of ordinary products to meet the various needs of our growing customer & our moulding abilities allow us to create miscellanea of technically sophisticated products.


We also Deal with Customized Moulding in Plastics.


  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Wide Product & Packing Range
  • Regular Availability
  • Meeting Delivery Schedules
  • Competitive Price


In order to maintain the efficiency of the company, we maintain well-managed & well-equipped quality control. The quality of manufactured goods is strictly sorted out with the appearance, dimensions, leakage, crushing & many more. we have skilled quality control persons.

We have good assistance in product designs, mould designs, mould manufacturing & printing. We assure of the timely delivery to the customers. We give reasonable competitive quotations to our customers.